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When you brighten up your home using a creative lighting  technique, it brightens up the space you have and helps add the mood you want in your home. Lamps add elegance and sophistication based on how they are used to illuminate the space they are placed on. Lamps can be used in a variety of ways, that is, to create a sense of space, to provide mood lighting or to decorate a dark corner of your room.

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Lighting is an important element in any comfortable home.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is usually provided by a ceiling light and their intensity can be controlled with dimmable switches. Surrounding lights should be careful not to produce sharp shadows.

Concealed Lighting

Concealed Lighting can completely hide the light fixtures and only the light and no fixture is visible. Concealed lighting can be used to provide the ambient lighting mentioned above.

Down Lights

Downlights are used to project light down, which can take the shape of ceiling fixtures or fall fittings.

Pendant Lights

They are suspended by wire from the ceiling and can take many shapes, including paper spear type lights for chandeliers.

Recessed Lighting

Here the lighting is reduced to the ceiling and the matches are only partially visible. Resetted lighting usually requires a false ceiling to dim the lights.

Rise and Fall Lighting

The height of the lighting can be adjusted as desired and they are usually used above the dining table.

Spot Lights

Spotlights direct light to specific points in the room and they are used to focus on specific areas or objects.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are used to transmit light up or down and they take up less space as they are fixed on the wall.

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