Wooden Flooring Remodeling Guide

You will love your home. But parts of your home need to be updated. If one of those areas is an old and worn floor, there are some very affordable and easy home upgrades you can do through wood flooring remodeling.

Remodeling your floor will bring new life to your home and even what you could do as a DIY project. Before you decide which floors in your home need remodeling, it is very important to plan everything in advance. It is in the planning stage that many people are aware of the pros and cons of wood floor renovation and upgrades in their homes.

You may be trying to sell your home or want to upgrade it in the next few years. You know you want to enjoy it, so no matter the reason, you desperately need a guide. This guide will help you figure out what to do and how to restore it once you decide to move forward.

Read and learn everything you need to know about planning your wood flooring remodeling project.

Remodeling of flooring
Before you dive deeper into a home remodeling project, it’s a good idea to know all the things you need to plan and get together for any flooring remodeling you want to do. There is also an added benefit if you decide to renovate different areas of your home.

Each rebuilt and upgraded area adds value to it. If you decide to keep your home or sell your property, adding value to your home is always an advantage that offers its own gifts. Many people decide to renovate and start flooring in their homes because they know that flooring will help in setting up the aesthetic look of the whole house.

The reconstruction project can be done all at once or through the room in stages. Many flooring remodeling enthusiasts default to hardwood production on their floors and even decide to take their steps. Awareness is hard wood, which goes for long-lasting, high-brightness and natural materials.

Truth be told, hardwood and hardwood variations offer many flooring and stair options. Engineering hardwood stairs give you stair walks in red oak, maple and hikori.

Stair walks
If you want you can go exotic and choose exotic wood for your stair walk. You can buy premade stair treads that will help you get high grade wood and consistent color. High grade wood ends up with good staining and is generally well suited for new flooring.

Your stairwell can be closed, boxed or opened at one or both ends for easy installation. I.e. hanging back two inches at the edge. So no matter what wood product you buy when ordering your stair treads, it is a good idea to have a return that hangs two inches from the edge of your staircase.

What are the easy home improvements and upgrades
There are two ways to upgrade a home that will give you immediate notice. These instant and recognizable updates happen when you repaint your home or remodel your floors. When a homeowner chooses to get a flooring upgrade, it can help reflect the enhanced aesthetics of the home while providing longevity for the flooring.

The homeowner gets a bonus for their home with unlimited value. Quality flooring illuminates a home. Hardwood is attractive and many high-quality wood laminate options are very affordable.

You can go eco-friendly and use bamboo and cork on your floors, which will give them shine, brightness and longevity. If you already have quality hardwood on your floors, but it is dull and scratched from continuous use, you can easily give it good sand and refinement. Doing this yourself or hiring a professional remodeling specialist are both viable options.

It is very important to set up your budget in advance, so you know what your costs will be as you move from step to step in your remodeling project.

How to restore your flooring
There is a process for floor restoration. If you follow this approach, you will have the best wood flooring restoration at the most affordable price. Above all, you know you want an affordable and effective reconstruction.

The question is, how do you bring all the floor remodeling moving parts? You put together the moving reconstruction parts by starting at the beginning.

1. When you are improving a real wood floor
Remove any staples, nails or anything that protrudes from the surface of the old floor. Make sure you are very thorough or when you go to sand your floor, tear the sandpaper on the protruding nails.

2. Sand, sand and sand again
Sand your floor with a power sander. You always want to work in the direction of the boards and never move the sander‌ on them. You always use your sandpaper from coarse to fine when energizing floorboards.

Not enough can be said about how difficult it is to control the edges, so it is best to use a hand-held sander without clashing with one another. Hand-held sanders allow you to stay as close to the edge of the walls as possible. This is crucial when you remove the old surface with a scraper to use 80- and 100-grit paper by hand to remove the last piece of old floor coating.

3. Vacuum and mop
You want to wipe the floor with a rag and water. After taking out as much debris as possible from the old end of the rag, rinse and repeat. Remove as much dust and old finish debris as possible.

You want to make sure there is as much dust and hair as possible, once it gets into the filler or coating it can be done for a dollar or lumpier wood floor finish.

4. Wood filler
You may notice some large holes after you remove the wood. Use wood filler to match your floor color. Fill any holes with the scraper‌ and smooth it out, allowing it to dry as long as the directions specify.

5. Wood Sealer
At this point you will want to use a coat wood sealer to close the holes in the wood floor surface. For this you only need a paint brush, and it will paint easily and leave a smooth wood surface. Try to allow it to dry for a few hours as you are applying the stain or floor finish on it.

6. Floor coating
The floor coating you are going to put on is polyurethane or wax. This coating prevents the soil and groove wood from getting into the grain. You want your coating to be light in color.

You want your beautiful and shiny soil to keep the grain shining. You paint the floor coating with a brush and always work in the direction of the floorboards. Add three coats and give each coat several hours to dry.

7. Curing the floor
Give the floor two or three days to heal and at least do not set your furniture on it until that time has passed. You want to place your furniture on the floor and do not pull it on the floor when you rearrange your furniture. You may not even want to clean your wood floor after it has been rebuilt for at least a week.

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Inexpensive items you need for floor remodeling
No matter how hard you try to brighten up your remodeled floor, there is nothing more important than having the items you want. You need to make sure you have the following:

. Power Sander
. Hand-held sander
. Different grades of sandpaper
. Broom
. Vacuum cleaner
. Rags
. Paint brushes
. Sealer
. Floor finish / wax

Make sure you rent your power sander from a hardware store or reputable rental store. You do not have to buy something that you can use twice in your life. With power sander, you may want to rent a belt sander because it is easier to operate and easier to operate than drum sander.

If possible, find a sander for rent, with a dust-collection bag that will help you reduce your need for sweeping, dusting and mopping after sanding the wood.

Too much bang for your buck
Eventually, if you find all the more money or effort mentioned above, you can use a basic snap-to-hardwood installation that can still beat the carpets from wall to wall every time. It does not matter what kind of floor you remodel. It is only important that you plan what you want to do next.

Take some time to read a similar guide on how you can do this. The result will be a floor that enhances the beauty and value of your home. Reconstructed floors as beautiful new aesthetics, create a kind of shiny sanctuary, others will want to know how you can bring such new life into such old floors.

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