Tips to improve bedroom design

Bedroom ideas to Improve Space :


  • Sunlight is Free Let as much sunlight in as possible during the day by keeping windows free of clutter and curtains. This can reduce heating bills across the whole house, not just the bedroom. Using Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs use roughly 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs.
  • Make your bed accessible from each side. Have two bedside tables Avoid the bed being directly in line with the door Sleepy Scents Lavender isn t the only sleep-inducing scent. Chamomile, bergamot, jasmine, rose or sandalwood can bring slumber, too. Install suspended shelves to save space, while keeping the surface.
  • Add a mirror to your feature wall to create the illusion of extra light & space. Let The Light In Keep windows open and don t hold back on lighting to remove dark spots & bring the outside inside.
  • Opt for floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, either fitted or freestanding, to create a grand & open feeling. Their shorter counterparts visually break up walls and cut the space.
  • Get yourself an ottoman bed to remove that cluttered under-bed mess.
  • Wire-Tidy Shoo away wire clutter by making a charging station by hiding plugs and power extension in a decorated shoerack.
  • You don t need to hide your favorite jewelry. Display it in an old picture frame. Linen Inception
  • Every wardrobe and cupboard door is an organisational heaven in waiting.
  • Magnetism Glue magnets to your wardrobe to hold your tweezers, combs, & other handy items.

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